Check if an IP address is anycasted or not

We gather data for every IP address on the internet using multiple global regions to understand if a specific IP address is using anycast or unicast.

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Check if a single IP address is anycasted or not

560+ million IP Addresses

We measure the latency to every internet IP address from multiple global regions and based on the differences our algorithm is able to detect if an IP is anycasted or not

All IPv4 IPs are supported

The first step in our process is to go through every single IP address and generate a list of IPs that reply to ICMP requests

Global Data

A global fleet of servers is monitoring the latency of accessible IP addresses. The data is then passed through our algorithms to detect if it is anycasted or not.

Full DB dump

Instead of querying every IP address separately we offer the full database of more than 500million IP addresses that you can import locally and query as needed

Simple, transparent pricing.

Get the full DB and make unlimited queries locally.

Full DB Access

Data on every single IP address

  • Weekly updates
  • Multi region data validation
  • Full DB in CSV format
  • Accessible under an HTTP URL for simple auto-updates.
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Custom Plan

Additional data per IP and customized format

  • Weekly updates
  • Even more regions
  • Full DB in any format or REST API
  • Accessible under an HTTP URL for simple auto-updates.
  • Additional custom information per IP address
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